The Connection of Dehydration and Oily Skin and Acne

The Connection of Dehydration and Oily Skin and Acne

Knowing the differences between skin types and skin conditions is important for treating your skin’s needs. First, you are born with a skin type. There’s nothing you can do to change it. Sorry, blame Mom and Dad and genetics. Skin types include dry, normal, oily, and combination. Your natural skin type is different than a skin condition that causes you to be dehydrated or sensitive.

Dry skin produces little to no oil, which causes the skin to be dry and flaky. Oily skin is skin that produces oil, and generally it will have large pores and look shiny or greasy. That much probably makes plenty of sense to you, but the dehydrated skin distinction gets a little trickier.

Dehydrated skin isn’t necessarily overly dry skin. Dehydrated skin can be Oily, Combination, or Normal skin type that is lacking water and feels tight. Dehydrated skin is a skin condition, lacking water content, but may still produce oil. In fact, it’s probably over-producing oil to compensate for the lack of moisture in the skin, which is why dehydrated skin can easily get mistaken for oily skin. Dehydrated skin is common among those with oily and acne-prone skin who use harsh products that strip the skin of water.

Dry… sensitive… dehydrated… oily… acne-prone… it can be confusing! Here are some signs that your skin’s dehydrated and tips on how to get your skin back on track.

Dehydrated skin is not a skin type, but a condition determined by the amount of moisture present in the skin. This temporary condition can be brought on by a change in weather or by overusing a poorly matched skin-care product.

When skin is dehydrated, it can feel tight and dry, which is why it can be mistaken for the dry skin type. Overproduction of oil to compensate for dehydration can create conditions we associate with the oily skin type, including blemishes and breakouts. Even if your skin is dehydrated, it is still producing oil. Dehydration doesn’t discriminate. You can have oily skin and also be dehydrated!

Remember that lifestyle also plays a part in skin’s condition. Too many margaritas can not only give you a wicked hangover, but also aggravate or dehydrate your skin.

Once you have identified your skin type and its condition in terms of moisture content, your main goal is to curb dehydration and have a good oil-water balance. By following a thorough skin care routine, your skin can absolutely become smoother, softer, and healthier-looking.

  • Use the right products for your skin type. They should nourish skin and rebalance the oil-water ratio in the skin. High-quality, gentle formulations can help reduce the appearance of fine lines and give you that radiant glow we all strive for.  If you need help, see a qualified esthetician to get a professional Advanced Skin Analysis and a thorough understanding of your skin’s individual needs.
  • Embrace the changes and, if you “suffer” from oily skin, remember that it’s working to keep your skin more youthful-looking. As we age, we produce less oil, which contributes to skin look younger.
  • Stay hydrated inside and out. Drink plenty of water, maintaining a healthful diet that icludes high water content fruits and vegetables, and supplementing with moisturizer on the surface.
  • Remember other smart lifestyle choices that can contribute to your overall skin health: It’s always important to wear sun protection every day, get a good night’s rest, exercise… and relaxation, reducing stress.


If you are concerned about dehydration or any other skin conditions you may be experiencing, please contact the estheticians at Face Fitness Skin Care for an Advance Skin Analysis.

Dehydration and Oily Skin and AcneThis complete and professional skin analysis includes the use of skin diagnostic equipment that scientifically measures the four key points of reference needed to determine the health of the skin: Hydration, Skin Lipid Levels, Melanin, and Erythema. These advanced skincare measurements provide us with true readings of oil and water levels, as well as redness and pigment in your skin.  Combined with a thorough visual skin type analysis and a complete review of lifestyle and personal history, you are no longer guessing at the qualities of your skin.


Advanced Skin Analysis is your path toward measurable and visible results from the skin care treatments and customized skin products. So, clean out your cupboards and finally have confidence in the investment you make into your skin.  Put your best face forward.

  • Have confidence when choosing skin products.
  • Understand what results are realistic for your skin and your goals.
  • Pick safe products and treatments for your skin.
  • Expect answers about active ingredients and tools used in the marketplace.
  • Know that you will have consistent care for your skin.

Stop guessing, schedule your Advanced Skin Analysis today. Please call 716-631-0964 or Click Here.