Skincare 101 Blast for Teens!

Do you have a teen or pre-teen interested in skincare? 


Join us and enjoy a one-hour class held on Saturdays at 2pm.


In Skincare 101 Blast, teens and pre-teens will learn about their skin type through individual skin analysis and practice proper cleansing for their particular skin types.


We will dive into the topic of online skincare trends, discussing the positives and negatives of popular products and practices. Our skincare students will learn how to spot information from influencers that are facts or fads, enabling them to make proper choices for their skincare needs. 


After the prizes, gift bags, and skincare fun, teens will have created a personalized skin homecare routine, be knowledgeable about purchasing appropriate products, and be confident in their ability to care for their skin! 


This is a group class of 3 or more and reservations are needed.

Please call: 716-631-0964