At Face Fitness Professional Skin Care, we consider facials to be regular complexion maintenance—kind of like car tune-ups for our face. Regular facials may help combat the toll that stress, the environment, and some of our daily habits take on our skin. Spa facials can work wonders for your skin. They deep clean to remove impurities, and with a little exfoliation and a facial massage, they leave you feeling refreshed and restored. But without the proper after-facial care, the time and money invested may be all for naught.

To help you keep your post-facial glow long after you’ve left the spa, here are a few tips on what to do and what to avoid after a facial.


  1. Hydrate

When it comes to your skin, hydration is the key to pretty much everything. On any given day, hydration helps your skin cells function effectively; it helps you flush out toxins and leaves you with glowing skin. While a good facial will leave your skin feeling deeply moisturized, you’ll want to keep it going by drinking about two liters of water daily. If you’re not a “water drinker,” eating high-water content fruits and vegetables, like a piece of fruit or small salad,  is also a great way to stay hydrated.


  1. Moisturize

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If your facial includes exfoliation, remember that means the layer of dead skin cells is being removed from the surface of your skin— and along with it, the natural oils that usually protect your skin. So, in addition to hydrating your skin by drinking plenty of water after your facial, you should also use a gentle moisturizer to replenish and lock in that moisture.



  1. Protect

While we strongly recommend protecting your skin from UV rays every day (yes, even in winter!), this is especially true after a facial. Your freshly scrubbed skin is particularly susceptible to sun damage post-treatment and its vulnerable surface can easily burn. Moreover, exposing your skin to the sun puts you at risk for skin cancer and accelerates the development of fine lines and wrinkles. After a facial, always apply a sunscreen or moisturizer with SPF 30 or higher to minimize potential damage.


  1. Be Gentle

 Following deep cleansing, extractions, and exfoliation, your skin may be a bit sensitive after a facial. For that reason, it’s important to stick to gentle cleansers. Harsh skincare products are unnecessary, not to mention, they can likely exacerbate any minor irritation. Furthermore, when washing your face in the days following a facial you should use tepid not hot water.



  1. Follow the Esthetician’s Instructions and Advice

A quality home care routine is essential for boosting the life of your facial. Use the facial as your chance to take your skin to the next level, not simply bring it back to baseline.  Work with your esthetician to develop a skin care routine that is customized for your specific skin type, concerns, and skin care goals. Following their expert advice can do wonders for maintaining your skin’s health between spa appointments.



  1. Book Your Next Appointment

The best skincare routines pair at-home products with in-spa treatments. In fact, many dermatologists liken visits to the spa to trips to the dentist: Professional treatments provide the extra care and expertise needed to enhance your everyday routine. Together, at-home and in-spa treatments set your skin up for optimal health and vitality. Most estheticians recommend booking facials between four and six weeks apart to take advantage of the skin’s natural turnover cycle. At a minimum, Face Fitness suggests quarterly treatments to maintain your skin’s health and address its specific needs as the seasons change.





  1. Picking at Your Skin

It may be tempting to pop and pick your pimples, but it’s best to keep your hands off post-treatment. Every time you squeeze or touch a blemish, you run the risk of spreading bacteria and scarring your complexion. During your facial, your esthetician will have performed the necessary extractions to clear blackheads and pustules. If any blemishes are left behind, it is because they are not close enough to the surface to extract safely. Further picking and prodding will only do damage; your best course of action is to leave them be and book a follow-up appointment with your esthetician for further extractions.


  1. Wearing Makeup

“Can you wear makeup after a facial?”

This question seems to pop up repeatedly, and the answer to that is, “Ideally, no.” Immediately following a facial, it’s probably best to stay away from your makeup (at least for 24 hours). Anything you apply immediately after a facial to your face can irritate your skin and lead to a breakout. This is particularly true for makeup and the tools you use (including your fingers) for its application because they tend to harbor healthy doses of bacteria. If you absolutely must use makeup for an important event, make sure to clean your brushes or applicators first.  The estheticians at Face Fitness recommend using mineral-based makeup that won’t clog pores and supports the health of the skin.


  1. Harsh or Aggressive skincare products

It’s important to remember when using acne or anti-aging skincare products, that they need to be reintroduced back into your home care regimen after your facial.  Products with AHA’s or BHA’s(exfoliating ingredients), benzoyl peroxide, Vit A or retinols, Vit C, hydroquinone, scrubs, spa cells or loofahs, and  Clarsonic cleansing brushes, should be avoided for a few days or possibly up to a week after a facial to prevent irritation or sensitizing of the skin.


  1. The Gym

After a facial, your skin needs a minute to calm and repair itself. So, it may be best to skip the workout for a day or two, as sweat and other pollutants can cause or worsen irritation in the skin. If clients are adamant about working out, we suggest they make sure to make their trip to the gym before their appointment so their skin has time to heal.





  1. The Sun

Freshly exfoliated skin is decidedly more vulnerable to harmful UV rays. So, after-facial care requires a conscious effort on your part to stay out of the sun. That’s not to say that you should avoid going outdoors altogether, but extended periods of time in direct sunlight is not the best move. If you are using Retinol or retinoids as part of your skincare routine, minimizing sun exposure is crucial, and at the very least, always apply SPF before leaving the house.


  1. Visit The Steam Room or Hot Shower

A trip to the steam room or hot shower may seem like the perfect way to round out a blissful spa day, but your best bet is to steer clear. Your skin has already been exposed to plenty of steam during your facial and adding on could lead to irritation. If you like hot showers, cleanser your face at the sink before the shower or turn down the water temperature and wash your face at the end of the shower.


Make the Most of Your Next Facial

Skin Care Treatment Series - Face Fitness Professional Skin CareNow that you know what to do and what to avoid after a facial, you can make the most of your next trip to the spa and maintain the radiant glow following your visit.

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Kathy Morell - Licensed Esthetician, Waxing, and Multi-Cultural SkinWritten By: Kathy Morell LE, LC, LMT