Skin Types

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Helping you Improve Your Skin Fitness Level

Are you looking to improve skin problems and see results? Are you seeking to eliminate acne? Prevent rosacea? Address signs of aging, pigmentation, or texture concerns? Isn’t it time to invest in your long-term health and beauty?

Face Fitness offers skincare consultations, analysis, and treatment for women, men, and teens to promote long-term health, wellness, and beauty. Like a fitness trainer, we offer a personalized process, knowledge, and tools for the day-to-day support of skin, where you are an equal partner in getting your skin in shape for the long term.

With a modern new location, twenty-five years in business, and stellar referrals from physicians and clients alike, we are most proud of our long-term relationships with our customers who value us as part of their beauty team.

What Is Your Fitness Level?

New Client Consultation, Analysis, and Treatment are as easy as 1, 2, 3.

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Consultation involves discussing what you are looking for with your skin (e.g., anti-aging, a desire to be makeup-free, etc.)

We then determine the root cause of the presenting skin issue, such as internal issues; diet, hormonal, or lifestyle issues.

Skin Analysis

Skin analysis includes the use of skin diagnostic equipment that scientifically measures the four key points of reference needed to determine the health of the skin: hydration, skin lipid levels, melanin, and erythema (redness).

  • Black Light Skin Analysis—show clients an analysis of their skin under blacklight, before and after
  • These advanced skincare measurements provide accurate readings of oil and water levels, as well as redness and pigment in your skin
  • Your esthetician will determine your skin type, Fitzpatrick type, and skin conditions related to hydration, texture, color, secretion
  • We recommend that you don’t come with a preselected treatment; our analysis may suggest something different
Determination of the Course of Action

We then determine the best treatment for what you need today based on multiple factors:

  • Are you a candidate (health issues, analysis)?
  • Possibility of side effects
  • Home care products you are using
  • Clients may be seeing dermatologists and using a topical that may prevent them from being able to have some treatments
  • With anti-aging products, you need to rebuild the skin barrier
  • Describe the process involved and the need to “crawl, walk, then run”