Before you wax…

The best way to prepare yourself is to first relax and know you’re in good hands.  Our Buffalo, NY-based staff is very well trained and experienced.  Our goal is to make this treatment as pleasant as possible and to help you be as comfortable with the procedure as possible.  Trust us; we’ve seen it all before.  You can be confident in our hygiene practices and in our skill.

  • You may want to avoid using harsh soaps or astringents for 2 hours before and after waxing
  • If you can begin exfoliating your skin a few days prior to waxing that is very helpful (exfoliating gloves work great)
  • Avoid any tanning for 24 hours before waxing
  • Avoid hot water (hot showers, hot soaking baths, hot tubs etc.) for 8 hours before or after treatment
  • Do not apply lotions, oils, body sprays, or other scented or moisturizing products on the day of your wax
  • A quick shower to clean up before waxing is appreciated
  • Disclose all health conditions with your practitioner to prevent any unwanted side effects

Some clients choose to take an OTC pain reliever such as Advil or Tylenol 60 minutes before their appointment. If you are taking prescription medications for acne or using Retinol type products, or antibiotics, we will be unable to provide you with waxing services due to the potential for skin damage (as in your skin will be removed along with some of the hair) please understand that isn’t a risk either of us want to take so don’t withhold information from us.

How often should I get waxed?

Your technician will develop a custom treatment plan for you detailing how often you need to come in for best results.   On average most people will wax every 5 weeks.  The amount of time will depend on many factors but boils down to a wax when ALL the hair reaches 1/4 inch in length on a repeat wax–please remember not a couple hairs but every hair must be up to length.   For the first wax, it is ideal to have hair slightly longer, about 1/3″ long.   It is difficult to get smooth results if hair is not long enough because short hair doesn’t get caught in the wax and isn’t removed by the root.  This means you would have a lot of stubble left over and that means to get it out we would have to tweeze each individual hair out.  This is obviously no fun for you or for us.  Remember, better too long then too short.

How long does my hair need to be to get a good wax?

If you have been shaving the area, we need you to let it grow for NOT LESS than three full weeks from   the last shave.  It can never be too long for us to wax successfully but it can definitely be too short.   Remember we need ALL the hair to reach a given length, not just some of it so check the underbrush.  If you are a trimmer and use a guide, two full weeks of growth should be sufficient. Too short means you will have a lot of tweezing to suffer through and that’s not fun for either of us.  If you like to measure these sorts of things we need 1/3 inch for really clean removal on a virgin wax area.  For repeat waxing (so after your second or third full wax) 1/4 inch is usually sufficient.  It will take you at least four weeks if not longer after your last wax to be ready to wax again.

Will the treatment hurt?

It will be uncomfortable but tolerable. As the boss always says, “Your first waxing can be a bit of a religious experience and subsequent waxes are a walk in the park!”  The first time you wax is always more uncomfortable than later waxes.  After all, you have allowed those hairs to grow for years in some cases and they can be extremely coarse.   As you continue with waxing the treatments will be more and more comfortable as we are dealing with new smaller hairs and you will be able to space them out a bit more.  Removing hair directly from the follicle is never super comfortable, but our staff is professional, fast, and highly experienced.  If you can stand to remove a Band-Aid really fast you can wax just fine.   Really in the movies, they do just about everything wrong or shall we say on purpose for dramatic effect? Professional waxing is so fast you’ll be done before you know it and really, you’ll be okay the sensation stops immediately after.

We look forward to meeting you and helping you to feel healthy, happy, feminine and oh so clean for all of your most personal occasions. For an appointment, please call 631-0964 or go online at:


Kathy Morell LE, LC, LMT