In general the idea is to keep the area clean, cool, and dry for at least 8 hours if not 24 hours after waxing.  Although the particulars will change based on what area and what type of service you had done, you cannot go wrong with the following:

  • After your body waxing service go home and take a quick shower to remove any residue if possible
  • Avoid sweaty activities for 8 to 24 hours so no working out, long runs and so forth
  • If you must do so then apply a thin layer of an antibiotic cream or spray such as Neosporin prior to the sweat fest so it can act as a prophylactic and prevent bacteria from getting into the healing follicles
  • Be sure and shower immediately after activity and not sit around in sweaty clothes (Perspiration wicks in bacteria and that increases the potential for an acne break outs)
  • No tanning beds for 48 hours or you risk serious burns
  • Keep the paws off, do not touch or rub the area
  • Do not wear compression style clothing for 24 hours after waxing
  • Avoid tight fitting clothing such as Spanx, nylons, thongs, etc.
  • Go commando if possible for 1-2 days post waxing to prevent irritation from panty elastic bands (no panties at bedtime)
  • Do not use harsh soaps or anti-acne/anti-aging products in this area for 24 to 48 hours to avoid chemical burns in the open follicles as they heal
  • No wild (or mild) hot tub parties, river or lake swimming for 48 hours; avoid heat

If the skin feels tight or itchy a thin layer of OTC hydrocortisone cream can soothe the skin quickly.

Aloe Vera gel, Aquaphor, or other soothing non-fragranced light moisturizers can aid in healing.


How do I avoid ingrown hairs and bumps?

The hair growth becomes thinner over time and dead cell build up can cause these hairs to become ingrown. The best way to avoid this is to exfoliate the waxed area and apply moisturizer.  There are products you can buy specifically for this problem. Your esthetician can recommend the proper products to use in this sensitive area.


How often should I get waxed?

Your technician will develop a custom treatment plan for you detailing how often you need to come in for best results.   On average most people will wax every 5 weeks.  The amount of time will depend on many factors but boils down to a wax when ALL the hair reaches 1/4 inch in length on a repeat wax–please remember not a couple hairs but every hair must be up to length.   For the first wax, it is ideal to have hair slightly longer, about 1/3″ long.   It is difficult to get smooth results if hair is not long enough because short hair doesn’t get caught in the wax and isn’t removed by the root.  This means you would have a lot of stubble left over and that means to get it out we would have to tweeze each individual hair out.  This is obviously no fun for you or for us.  Remember, better too long then too short.

At Face Fitness Skin Care, we offer brazilian waxing 365 days of the year. Summers are quick in Buffalo, NY, but brazilian waxing means that you’ll to never wax your bikini line again no matter what time of the year!


Remember the three keys to waxing success:  Keep it clean, cool, and dry.

Contact us with any questions or concerns.