Oncology Skin Care

Oncology Skin Care - Clarence, Amherst, Wiliamsville, Buffalo - New YorkFounded in 2007, Touch for Cancer was the first Oncology Esthetics® certification program in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, United Kingdom, and the United States. Estheticians/skin care therapists certified by Touch For Cancer have the knowledge and skills to work for the top cancer centers and hospitals in North America and internationally. Oncology Esthetics bridges the gap between cancer and beauty. Clients are treated as a whole person, easing the psychological effects of having cancer and the side effects such as skin sensitivities and discoloration.

The stresses of every day life added to the challenges of dealing with cancer can be overwhelming. There may be many changes in the skin as a result of cancer treatment therapies including: redness, rashes, peeling, and very dry or thin and fragile skin with an increased sensitivity to sunlight. These skin changes can be remedied by providing a protocol pertaining to your specific condition.

Having completed Oncology Esthetics® certification, Face Fitness Skin Care specialize in offering treatments for people living with cancer, including side effects from radiology and other therapies, chemotherapy, and medications. Our Specialized facials offer exactly what you and your “whole-body energy” need:

  • Spa treatments customized for the special needs of cancer patients
  • Preservative and fragrance free skin care products designed for sensitivity

Oncology Skin Care Therapy Menu

Oncology Comfort Facial – Customized and designed to meet your current condition and needs. Includes hand and arm massage.

  • 50 minute Comfort Treatment$65

Oncology Hand, Foot, and Scalp Treatment – stress reducing treatment that uses essential oils and massage techniques on hands, feet, and scalp.

  • 30 minute  Comfort Treatment$40

Working with cancer patients allows us to give them a meaningful, elegant and lasting experience at the onset of their private journey, and lets them know that they are not alone. It also helps them take the first step with peace, confidence, and comfort.

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