kathyHello and welcome to our new blog “Skin Care Fitness.” My name is Kathy Morell and I am one of the skin care coaches here at Face Fitness Skin Care. My job as your skin care coach is to help you make smarter skin care choices.

The market is full of gadgets and products that promise to deliver all sorts of miracles. I can tell you from over 20 years experience, the  “miracle-in-a-bottle” doesn’t exist. You’ve probably got a drawer full of lotions and creams that just didn’t get the job done. The reason they didn’t work is because they didn’t address YOUR skin care needs.

So what are your skin care needs? That depends on many factors:

  •  Skin type
  •  Skin conditions
  •  Age
  •  Work/play lifestyle
  •  Diet & nutrition
  •  Hydration
  •  Exercise
  •  Sleep
  •  Medications &  health

There are many factors that effect the skin’s health. So where do you start? For the average consumer this can be a daunting process. At Face Fitness Skin Care, we recommend a consultation with a skin care coach for an advanced skin  analysis. We will visually inspect your skin and discuss with you what we find. We will identify your skin type, which you are born with, as well as skin conditions that you acquire through daily living.

Your skincare coach will identify all the factors that effect YOUR skin and determine the proper home care products to support  healthy skin,  as well as formulating a treatment plan to achieve the desired  changes you would like to see in YOUR skin.  So if looking fresher and younger are your goals, then talk with one of our skin care coaches and get ready to glow!