Men’s Lounge

Men's Skin Care & Hair Removal - Clarence, Amherst, Williamsville, Buffalo - New York

0Services dedicated to the male species. Get groomed and look your best! At Face Fitness, our experts will get you buffed, glowing and going for that executive look that guys respect and the girls love!

Essential Skin Care

Men’s skincare needs are distinctly different than a woman’s. Biologically, your skin is thicker and has 15% more oil. You need your own rituals and products for maximum skin fitness.

    It’s a guy thing … power wash, expert extractions, and detailed grooming to make you look your best.
  • OXYGEN Rx$100
    Infuses the skin with germicidal, lightening, and vaso-constricting effects, making this an ideal treatment for Acne and Rosacea. Firms the skin and leaves a luminous glow.

Waxing For Men

Whether you choose waxing as a competitive advantage or as an essential element of your grooming, we will consistently deliver to your expectations. You’ll get a clean and natural appearance, leaving you confident in your image. Waxes are warm and ready for use via strict sanitary guidelines.

  • MEN’S CHEST WAX$45 and Up
    Removal of hair from chest area, basically to sternum, does not include belly.
  • MEN’S BACK WAX$50 and Up
    Removal of hair from back, just above shoulder blades, and down to the carpenter’s crack. Does not include neck.
  •  BROW SHAPING$20 and Up
    Get rid of the uni-brow.
  • NECK, NOSE, or EARS$10 Each

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