Hair Removal By Waxing

Waxing Hair Removal - Clarence, Amherst, Williamsville, Buffalo - New York!

At Face Fitness Skin Care we take pride in our waxing techniques. We have the latest hygienic methods in accordance with the NY State Board of Cosmetology. We provide nothing but the best–a true quality waxing facility. Our experienced estheticians have knowledge in all areas of waxing, providing service from head to toe. Our waxing services will last twice as long as shaving and there is complete smoothness with a cleaner look to your skin. Excellent for summer fashions, but excellent all year ’round!


  • Brow Express Shaping$20
  • Brow Design Shaping$25
  • Lip, Chin, Nose or ears- each$10
  • Lip and Brow$25
  • Lip,Chin, & Brow$35
  • Full Face$48
  • Sides of Face$15
  • Forehead Hair Line$15


  • Under Arm$28
  • Full Arm$40
  • Half Arm$35
  • Lower Leg$38 & Up
  • Upper Leg$45 & Up
  • Full Leg$80

Get Your Booty Beach-Ready!

Get your booty beach ready!

Brazilian waxing was brought to NYC from Brazil by the “J Sisters” in 1994. Brazilian waxing differs from a regular bikini waxing because hair is removed in the front, back, and everything in between. It’s the Full Monty! Brazilian waxing is popular with women of all ages. They love the clean feeling they can’t get with shaving. We will communicate with you on your preferences of how much hair you want removed. Will it be nice and tidy or gone completely? The choice is yours.

Bikini Area

  • Panty Line$40
  • Brazilian$60
  • Full Leg + Panty Line$120
  • Full Leg + Brazilian$135

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